Probiotics for horses

Probiotics for horses are used to strengthen the resistance of the intestines. Your horse’s intestinal flora is of vital importance and an excess of harmful bacteria can be very dangerous. The feeding pattern of horses always needs to consist of roughage rich in fibre (grass, hay, etc.). In the large intestine these fibres are broken down by micro-organisms (“intestinal flora”) as a result of which free fatty acids are released. These fatty acids are absorbed by the horse and are the most important source of energy.

A period of stress, a worm infection, excess intake of sugars (cereals), a colic episode, a change in feed or the use of antibiotics easily leads in the horse to disturbed intestinal flora with loose stools or diarrhoea as a result. Probiotics supplement good bacteria which are essential for good intestinal function.

Note: diarrhoea can have fatal consequences in the horse (dehydration, toxaemia, etc.). Therefore always consult your veterinarian in cases of severe diarrhoea.




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