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Every day horse lovers need products to give their horses the best care. A care on the inside as well as on the outside. You can find those products with us! We guarantee the best price and quality of each product in our extensive range.

Who are we?
Symons is a family business where horses have been central for more than 20 years. We grew from 1 pony to 10 ponies, from 1 horse to 20 horses and from LRV competitions to international competitions.

We have grown tremendously in these 20 years, with the result that we have gained a lot of great experiences together with the horses. Both in equestrian sports, and in building small stables to large professional stables for champions.

Our motto "Respect and care for all horses" has ensured that we achieve the best results in all areas. We always work and act under this motto!

Building for horses
In 2001 Marc Symons started his own company "building for horses" in which we set the greatest challenge. Today, we are known as the largest and most reliable in Belgium. Thanks to the trust our customers have placed in us, we have been able to gain a lot of experience in equestrian projects.

Gijsbert Symons also took part in this fantastic journey and together we have been able to build for the biggest names in the world of horses, such as:

World champion: Jos Lansink
Belgian champions:        Karel Cox and Pieter De Vos
Olympic Games:            Ludo Philippaerts
Top trader: Neil Jones
Top trader: Enda Caroll (Ashford Farm)
Top dealer: Rutger Van Werkhoven (Flying Dutchman)
Dealer: Stephex
Breeder: Fil Horses
HK Equestrian: Hannes & Kim
Animal clinics:                Via Nova, Housen, and Het Bokt

Organiser Paris - Hong Kong - New York , Les Ecuries D'ecaussinnes - Cristhof Ameew

The little roast
Fabien Schreibber
Reed Kessler
Sea coast

For more information about our construction projects, please visit

Horse sport, trade and breeding
Since about 10 years Hannes Symons is in charge of the sport, trade and breeding on our own horse farm. Together with Kim they started the company HK Equestrian.

They are a young, motivated team that trains commercial and quality horses to a higher level in the sport. This to international 2-star and 3-star level. Their love for horses has been with them since childhood, horses are their life.

Hk Equestrian has customers all over Europe and far beyond, as far as Dubai and America. Their expertise in horse supplements and products is an enormous added value. The products in our webshop are personally chosen by Hannes and Kim on the basis of quality and health to the horses.

They know better than anyone how to get and keep horses in top condition!

More information can be found on their site

Webshop - Global Horses
In 2019, the idea came to expand our family business with a webshop in which we offer products that every horse lover needs on a daily basis for his horse, stable and pasture. A range of products that we ourselves also use on a daily basis.

So we don't just sell our products. No, we are also end users of these products. Everything you can find in our webshop has been chosen on the basis of our own experience through our own use of the products.

A combined experience of more than 30 years in equestrian sports, horse trading, horse breeding and building for horses, ensures that we are highly regarded by the best and largest suppliers of all kinds of horse products.

By always being faithful and honest in doing business with both our suppliers and our customers, we have been able to negotiate for the best prices on the market. Our strategy is simple, "the product directly from producer to end user".  This creates a big financial advantage for the end user, the customer, you!

Would you like more information about the products in our webshop? Then please contact us:

Marc Symons: +32 496 12 50 19
Hannes Symons: +32 477 66 41 50
Kim Van Decraen: +32 475 46 91 51
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